Hannah Bakes is the fruit of a life-long love of baking. At the age of seven I would wake up before the rest of my family to bake sponges before school. Twenty-three years later I’m still at it. The kitchen is less of a bomb-site and the cakes are... well take a look.

Based in South London, I bake cakes for all celebrations and occasions, from tea parties and birthdays to weddings. Great baking is an art and I want my cakes to be little masterpieces,  with fresh fruits and bright flowers.

My golden rule is that every cake must taste as beautiful as it looks. Vivid natural flavourings—lemon, orange, rose, violet, rosemary, pistachio, chocolate, turmeric—give them depth of character, and there are tequila, prosecco and amaretto specials for grown-up cake-lovers.